- Fielding calls for repairs
- Utilizing industry specific software to streamline services
- Monitoring lease expiration dates
- Providing owner updates
- Determining staffing needs
- Generating job descriptions 

Maintenance Planning

- Budget planning for future Capital Expenditures
- Preventative Maintenance Program

Negotiating Reoccurring Contracts

With trades people i.e. fire maintenance, landscaping, elevator, snow removal, pest control

Financial Statements

- Accounts receivable sub-ledger
- Balance sheet
- Comparative income statement
- General ledger
 - Schedule of last month's rent deposits

Negotiating Lease Renewals

- Creating a Property Analysis
- Conducting Market Comparisons
- Determing Valuable Features
- Calculating Market Rent
- Generating and executing renewal documents 

Leasehold Improvements

- Budget Analysis
- Negotiating and contracting work for commercial unit “fit ups” 
- Calculating amortization
- Working with Engineers and Architects


- Creating strategic partnerships with digital real estate marketing websites
- Working with photographers, and designers
- Performing demographic and target market study
- Developing and executing Marketing Plans
- Bringing leads through the approval process

Property Management Plus

- New Development Management
- Capital Inprovement Management
- Communications with General Conrtactor on new construction project
- Attending construction meetings
- Working with Architects
- Working with the city
- Providing progress inspections
- Negotiating interim "pre sale" maintenance contracts


- Training for site and maintenance staff
- Utilizing training and development methods
- Educating staff on Human Rights Code, and Privcay Act Fire Code
- Risk Management