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Property Management & Consulting Services


Administration   Rent Collection, Deposits, Directing Superintendents and Site Staff,

Training  superintendents and site staff on day to day duties, as well as having site staff attend upgrading educational seminars where needed, i.e. WHIMIS Training, Human Rights, Privacy Act, Fire Code, Pest Control Preparation, Risk Management (slip and falls, trip hazards)

Conflict Resolution with Tenants in order to prevent legal action and to maintain a cohesive living environment

Preparing and Collecting Documentation to successfully file notices at the Landlord and Tenant Board for hearings and Commercial Tenant relations.

Suite Turnover Upgrades (assessing, scheduling, organizing and overseeing trades for renovations)

Negotiating Re-occurring Contracts with trades people i.e. fire maintenance, landscaping, elevator, snow removal, pest control

Marketing Units for Re-renting, conducting credit checks and analyzing reports for approval or decline

Maintenance Planning Budget planning for future capital expenditures and preventative maintenance program

Monthly Financial Statements (accounts receivable sub-ledger, balance sheet, comparative income statement, general ledger, schedule of last month's rent deposits