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About Zebra

Origins: Zebra began as  Casuccio Property Management Inc.

Prior to launching Casuccio Property Management, Dan was an employee of the Effort Trust Company for 30 plus years.  Under the mentorship of the the late Mr. Arthur Weiz, founder, Tom Weiz President & CEO and David Horwood CEO, Dan managed a multitude of properties of diverse categories, his portfolio exceeding 1900 units.  Dan recognized the investment interest in Hamilton and the need for management firms with the knowledge and expertise to provide quality personable service to midsized investors and so he created Casuccio Property Management Inc.  Dan partnered with his son Zack Casuccio and together they have built a portfolio based on excellent service, diligence and integrity.

In order to refine their branding and emphasize their individuality within the marketplace, Casuccio Property Management Inc.has evolved into Zebra Property Management.   The zebra symbol represents focus and sureness of path, always prepared to take necessary action and meet challenges with intelligent foresight, confidence and clarity.   Zebra Property Management captures this philosophy and distinguishes itself with their unique brand of boutique management. We believe that every property deserves dependable, honest management and we are committed to these principles which are the very foundations of our personal and business values.